The Art & Design Department assists the student in setting up an internship and makes sure that the work is associated with the student’s major. Often the department is the initial point of contact between the employer and the student. However, the student can often be the party that discovers and initiates the process. Students are required to compose an outline of goals and expectations prior to the internship, have it approved by both the department and the employer, to work a specific number of hours during the semester, and to submit a report at the end of the internship period. Generally, for three academic credits, the student is expected to work an average of eight to ten hours per week during a regular semester. Alternate plans may be devised for different time frames, but most internships are assigned on a semester-by-semester basis.

 As an intern the student will be given the opportunity to prove himself or herself and find out if this is the career path to follow. During an internship the student can learn a lot that he or she would not be exposed to until after graduating.